9 previsioni per il futuro del marketing

Social Vitruvian Man to Highlight your potential

The Social Vitruvian Man. Symbol of equilibrium among social media strengths. Good Marketers should know the right balance on using every social network and get the perfect marketing strategy.

Googleplus is on top, is the mind. The strategist. The real #seo #sem and #authorship manager. It's the future of every kind of web strategy but many marketers are still going on to ignore it. Pinterest and Instagram are your really important social hands, they wink to the web world's surfers, the perfect tools for brand building and visual marketing actions/campaigns.

Twitter, is your good friend who never stop talking about you; how wonderful you are, how good you are in doing this or doing that. He's you, your avatar. He can share, link, write and show every single positive point of your friendship with him.

LinkedIn, is your lawyer, your personal consultant who can show your skills to the world. He can do the good and the bad weather, he can show you as the best professional with the highest potential, as also the worst slacker. He decides? No, it's you who must suggest what you want to be. He's just a consultant, he can just show all the faces and experiences of your story, a good storytelling for a good personal presentation.

YouTube, is a good painter, a very good artist. He's friend of everyone, so be carefull. He can show your best image to the world, out there. But you need real good qualities in public speaking, if not... he's not a magician... he cannot change the reality. He's just painting, choosing the perfect color to highlight your best sides.

Facebook, is a female friend ; ) she is a friend of a friend of yours, one of those who always knows everything about everyone, who can not shut up a minute. She always knows everything in advance, she knows all about things you are speaking with someone else. Only she does well... she's maybe a type too exuberant, eccentric, but she has strong potential. She is the person that become boss, in your company. You must find the right balance between things you can hide and let her know. You have to do your best for managing her friendship. 

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