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Hidden benefits of Google Plus for your SEO and your Social Media Strategy

When you’re setting your social media strategy, Google+ has pretty much been last on the list. Unless you’re a technology brand that targets men with high incomes, your audience may be oblivious to the charms of Google+.

Google, however, is fully aware of the potential of Google+, and that translates to search marketing value*.

Use Google to search for any brand that manages a Google+ page, and you’ll see a large visual Google+ presence in what’s known as the Knowledge Graph at the top right of the search results.

Moz’s biannual study of search ranking factors showed a striking correlation between higher search rankings and Google +1s.

Similar to a “Like” on Facebook, a +1 is used to share or appreciate content, posts, videos, etc., that Google+ users find on the web.

Google denies that +1s are an algorithmic ranking factor; however, we can expect future integration of +1s into Google’s search algorithms. It’s too potent a symbol of popularity, authority and authorship identity for the search giant to set aside for long.

In addition, it appears that some links shared on Google+ may pass authority. It’s common for less popular social networks to pass link authority to help boost search rankings in the beginning, to encourage sites to share content on their network. When they become popular enough, though, all modern social networks cut the flow of link authority to other sites by tagging links with “nofollow” or passing them through 302 redirects. With certain shared links, however, Google+ has not yet applied these authority-stripping tactics.

Lastly, studies show that Google’s web crawlers identify pages shared on Google+ within seconds. Major brands are usually crawled daily or even hourly, but smaller sites may wait a week between crawls. A faster crawl means faster potential for ranking in Google’s web search.
Brands don’t even need to create custom content to share in Google+. Content shared on other networks can be repurposed for Google+.

Videos posted to YouTube are automatically shared to a brand’s Google+ page. In fact, if a brand manages a YouTube presence, they may find that Google has created a default Google+ page populated with YouTube videos. Brands can then claim those pages and use them for SEO and social benefit.

Eventually audiences will come to Google+. Google is too invested in the social platform and has baked it into the foundation of too many of its popular products (Gmail, YouTube, Talk/Hangouts, etc.) for it to fail. Once it catches on, the brands who were there first will have a head start on followers and authority, as well as the time to experiment to see what performs best for them on Google+.

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